Saturday, December 11, 2010

Phuket Trip 7th to 11th Dec'2010

three family group at Krabi

lunch at Bai Toey Seafood Restaurant Krabi

Bai Toey Seafood Restaurant

kheng som with fish meat

seafood fried rice

sea crab deep fried

deep fried crab meat

dinner at 99 Restaurant Patong Beach

fried egg omelette with onion

fried shell with spicy

seafood tom yam

kai thou fried chicken meat

fried glass noodle

Kota khao mun Kai chicken rice

char siew

chicken meat

chilli paste & soup

dinner at Phuket Aquarium

fried kai lan with pork meat

fried egg omelette

squid meat with sour vegie

fried chicken meat

manggoe salad with cashew nut

deep fried sweet sour grouper fish

beakfast at Soho

wall advertisement

duck's tongue & wing

duck meat

hard boiled egg


ice cream at Swensens Tecos Lotus Hatyai

american pie

bananas split

american town

earth quake

lunch at Khong Nge chicken rice

kampong chicken

chicken meat

fish meat ball soup

chilli sauce

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