Sunday, September 26, 2010

Multi-tool M19 from ebay

the parcel from California, USA

mutli-tool M19 crank brother

crank brother specifications

come together with a alum casing only for M19

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mee Goreng - Bangkok Lane, Penang

Seng Lee Coffee Shop

located at Lorong Bangkok, Pulau Tikus

coffee shop dining area

mee goreng stall

the owner can speaks hokkien dialect

the famous bangkok lane mee goreng

mee rebus - axian was here

Seng Lee Coffee Shop
Lorong Bangkok, Pulau Tikus,Penang
GPS : 100.31220E 5.43123N

Jalan Mt Erskine, Penang - War Relic

war relic at Jalan Mt Erskine, Penang

inside the chinese cemetery

GPS : 100.31220E 5.43123N

Loh Mee - Jalan Bagan Ajam

Ah Khoon Loh Mee


garlic sauce with pork leg meat only

vinegar sauce from China

Ah Khoon Loh Mee
Jalan Bagan Ajam
H/P No : +60164982609

GPS : E100.371242 N5.410853

Yamaha YL-2 Speedometer

my motorcycle

spoiled speedometer

invoice from ebay 06th August 2010

received postage on 17th August 2010

the good from Bangkok, Thailand

my new old stock speedometer